Save 50% when you buy the complete 4-book Mac Fitness Collection (which also includes Take Control of Backing Up Your Mac, Take Control of Maintaining Your Mac, and Take Control of Speeding Up Your Mac—a $60 value—for just $30. You’ll learn these 17 basic troubleshooting procedures (along with the reasons they can help): Force-quit an app

Use About This Mac to find more information about your Mac. You’ll need to share your Mac’s specs if you contact us. If the hardware in your Mac doesn’t match what the game needs to run, you can have crashes, slow performance, or graphics issues. To find more info: Open the Apple menu and choose About This Mac. Download our diagnostic tool to run an AppleScript that will debug Origin Helper on your Mac. Once you’ve successfully used the tool, a file called Origin Troubleshooting.txt will be made and saved on your desktop. It doesn’t have any personal information about you or what’s on your Mac, and only works to diagnose application issues. Comprehensive troubleshooting document for system software-related errors and crashes that occur when you use Adobe products on Mac OS 10.x. May 01, 2019 · But if your Mac is shutting off randomly even with a healthy battery percentage, that indicates a different kind of problem. If this shutdown happens, restart your Mac with the power button and Many believe that this leads to a more seamless experience when using a Mac computer. macOS is the 11th version of Apple’s Computer Operating Systems. For Mac OS X, The “X” refers to the Roman numeral, which signifies that it is the tenth version of this operating system. Mac OS X Troubleshooting Guides. Mac OS X: Badly Behaving Flash; Fixes Nov 03, 2016 · Mac OSX - general configuration tips for Mac OS X and macOS; File:Mac Hardware Troubleshooting Notes.ppt; File:Mac Software Troubleshooting (and a bit hardware).ppt; Easy Troubleshooting Steps. Quick, harmless, sometimes can help solve a problem. Application-specific. Application Troubleshooting: Quit the troublesome app then reopen it. (see below)

Comprehensive troubleshooting document for system software-related errors and crashes that occur when you use Adobe products on Mac OS 10.x.

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If you are troubleshooting a build problem and want to make sure the behavior is not related to any of temporary build files stored on the Mac, you can delete the build cache folder. Run the following command in Terminal on the Mac: Apr 11, 2014 · Software troubleshooting. Boot to Safe Mode. If your Mac is having trouble with some third-party software, then you can boot into Safe Mode to see if doing so avoids the problem. Safe boot will Having a problem with an Apple device, Mac system software, or iOS? Maybe your Mac is behaving weird, or your iPhone isn’t charging properly, or an iPad app is crashing, or something is just not working as expected? Browse through and search our troubleshooting articles and you might be able to resolve the problem!