Jun 11, 2015 · After the reboot, you will see that the secondary router is set to repeater mode with the same Wi-Fi name. Step 4: Placing the Router If your primary router is at one end of the house, don’t

How to setup TP Link router as a repeater - Quora This is for connecting it wirelessly to the root router. 1. Connect your pc to your router via wifi and enter www.tplinkwifi net. You may also access the setup interface through or depending upon the settings. 2. Navigate Turn Your Old Router into a Range-Boosting Wi-Fi Repeater If you connect to your main router at, for example, set this repeater router to something like, or another number that you can remember in the second-to-last position. Hit Can I use Deco with my existing router? | TP-Link

How to configure TP LINK router as a Repeater. Convert

Pick a spot to locate your ‘repeater’ router in an area close to where you’ve struggled to get signal (this could be a different floor). Then, power it on and check if you now have an improved wireless signal. Homeplugs as an alternative. It's not fun to set up a second router, as the many steps above will attest.

Nov 27, 2016 · HI TECHIES CHECK OUT HOW TO SETUP D-LINK ROUTER AS REPEATER Check out How to Setup Tp lInk Router as Repeater https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PtJLjV6RO4

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