Tor definition is - a high craggy hill. History and Etymology for tor. Middle English, from Old English torr

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Glastonbury Tor is a hill near Glastonbury in the English county of Somerset, topped by the roofless St Michael's Tower, a Grade I listed building. The entire site is managed by the National Trust and has been designated a scheduled monument. The Tor is mentioned in Celtic mythology, particularly in myths linked to King Arthur, and has several other enduring mythological and spiritual TROUBLESHOOTING | Tor Project | Tor Browser Manual Tor Browser is under constant development, and some issues are known about but not yet fixed. Please check the Known Issues page to see if the problem you are experiencing is already listed there. Get monthly updates and opportunities from the Tor Project: Sign up. How to use Tor for Torrents (but there's a better option)

configuration - Configure tor as proxy - Tor Stack Exchange

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