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Jun 21, 2018 DNS Configuration and Data Files (System Administration DNS Configuration and Data Files. In addition to the in.named daemon, DNS on a name server consists of a configuration file called named.conf, a resolver file named resolv.conf, and four types of zone data files.. Names of DNS Data Files. So long as you are internally consistent, you can name the zone data files anything you want. DNS configuration - Citrix Docs

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DNS Servers. DNS servers are divided into public and private DNS servers. While the majority of the public servers are run by larger Internet Service Providers and commercial companies, the private DNS servers are used mainly for private home networks. Setting up DNS servers in the home network is highly recommended in cases when your network includes more than a few computers with the purpose Configure DNS Server Zones Fully on Windows Server 2016 Configure DNS Server Fully Step by Step. The DNS configuration is somehow like installing it, means you don’t need to worry or call any administrator to do it because you can do it along by this article, let’s move towards it. 1. When the DNS Server role installed, open the Server Manager window, click on tools tab that the dropdown menu Configuring Amazon Route 53 as your DNS service You can use Amazon Route 53 as the DNS service for your domain, such as When Route 53 is your DNS service, it routes internet traffic to your website by translating friendly domain names like into numeric IP addresses, like, that computers use …