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After sending, The average time gap between two packets is around 15 ms. (For 1000 Packets) When I check it with Wireshark, it shows "checksum is correct" for the 1st packet and "incorrect" for others. Spoofing Part: (Little bit Optimized) TCP ACKs have a bad IP checksum header (set to 0x00) I wanted to provide additional information/proof. Below I have pasted my WCF configurations and an output from wireshark. The output from wireshark is only two packtes with verbose packet information, but with every SYN packet that comes in from the client, the server tries to reply with a SYN,ACK but it fails, so those two packets are the ones I have provided, and you can imagine they just tcpdump: incorrect tcp checksum on Linux tun interfaces? I'm quite used to see "incorrect" TCP checksums on interfaces that have hardware TCP checksum offloading (because pcap sees the packet before it's handed to the hardware for checksumming) - but on a *tun* interface, with no hardware to actually offload it … Wireshark · Ethereal-users: RE: [Ethereal-users] incorrect the monitor Blade. On the server VLAN tcp checksums always appear incorrect e.g. for a 1460 byte packet the value is always 0x1caa. On the client VLAN any packets with incorrect tcp checksum results in a The following traces show a retransmit sequence. 17918 on client VLAN

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Wireshark sees the packet before the checksum has been added. When the packet is transmitted on the wire, the checksum is correct. One clue that checksum offload is involved is that the packets with the errors don’t get retransmitted. If the checksum really was wrong, either the packets would be retransmitted, or the communication would fail. OpenVPN / Re: [Openvpn-users] Incorrect tcp and udp Operations Management. ERP PLM Business Process Management EHS Management Supply Chain Management eCommerce Quality Management CMMS Manufacturing

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