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There is no need to change the MAC address of your iPhone. It is only used in your current WiFi network. Your phone has a second MAC address used for Bluetooth, which is usually the WiFi MAC address plus one. The only reason I can see why you would want to change your MAC address is if someone blocked your address in their router and you want to continue bothering them. iOS Prompting for Selected Wi-Fi Network Password prior to connecting. How to change WiFi network on iOS. 11. Enter the WiFi Network Password via the virtual keyboard, pictured above, and then press the Join button. The system then takes you back to the Select Wi-Fi Network screen. But now, the new network to which we connected appears near the Mar 05, 2018 · Open the Settings app and tap “Wi-Fi” to get started. On the Wi-Fi screen, tap the information button (that’s the “i” in a circle) to the right of the network you want to configure. To change the current Wi-Fi network’s settings, tap the “i” button next to the Wi-Fi network you’re currently connected to at the top of the screen. May 05, 2015 · 1st before starting, go to settings = general = about = WiFi address, write down ur original mac address down and save it in case anything goes wrong.

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