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The verbosity level can also be controlled globally for all commands with the SHELL_VERBOSITY environment variable (the -q and -v options still have more precedence over the value of SHELL_VERBOSITY): Console option SHELL_VERBOSITY value Equivalent PHP constant-q or --quiet-1: Verbosity - definition of verbosity by The Free Dictionary Define verbosity. verbosity synonyms, verbosity pronunciation, verbosity translation, English dictionary definition of verbosity. adj. Using or containing a great and usually an excessive number of words; wordy. Change Narrator Verbosity Level about Text and Controls in Jun 23, 2019 Verbosity | Definition of Verbosity at Dictionary.com Verbosity definition, the state or quality of being verbose; superfluity of words; wordiness: His speeches were always marred by verbosity. See more.

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Setting the Arnold log verbosity level | Arnold Support Corner Dec 14, 2012 Log Messages — MongoDB Manual Informational, for Verbosity Level of 0: D [1-5] Debug, for All Verbosity Levels > 0. Starting in version 4.2, MongoDB logs the debug verbosity level. For example, if verbosity level is 2, MongoDB logs D2. In previous versions, MongoDB log messages only specified D for Debug level.

Verbosity - definition of verbosity by The Free Dictionary

Description I want to see which tests are currently run, so that I increase a default value for the console logger verbosity like described in help: Change the verbosity level in log messages for console logger as shown below Example: /l PHP: Runtime Configuration - Manual opcache.log_verbosity_level integer. The log verbosity level. By default, only fatal errors (level 0) and errors (level 1) are logged. Other levels available are warnings (level 2), information messages (level 3) and debug messages (level 4). opcache.preferred_memory_model string. The preferred memory model for OPcache to use. What are the levels of log verbosity? |Tableau Community