Jun 30, 2020 · The KDE password manager was used to store the user credentials. The recipe search was performed using a complicated search dialog with multiple tabs. The graphical user interface used multiple windows to display recipes and lists of search results.

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Sep 28, 2014 · I'm using Kwheezy 1.5, 64 bit (KDE/Debian Wheezy), as the only user on a home system. I want to boot up without a login. The system settings include the ability to configure the KDM login manager. Under the Convenience tab, There are settings to enable auto-login and password-less logi

Enter your root password at the prompt, and make the changes from within the KDE Control Center that appears: go to Applications ==> Login Manager. Choose the appropriate configuration tab; you can easily configure every aspect of the login screen from there. KUser - KDE's Applications

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Password Safe is a KeePass compatible password manager for the Linux desktop. The open source password manager is said to to ‘integrate perfectly’ with the GNOME desktop and provide its users with an ‘uncluttered’ interface that makes managing password databases a breeze. Linux password manager that also works under Windows / OS May 11, 2006 Best KDE Linux Distributions For Your Desktop Dec 13, 2019 Auto-login without password (KDM) help