Jan 14, 2020 · “Your Social Security number is the key to your financial kingdom and should be protected at all times,” says Paul T. Joseph, attorney, CPA, and founder of Joseph & Joseph Tax & Payroll. If

What to Do When Somebody Gets Your Social Security Number The verification process might include direct communication from the company to you, so update your contact information with each reporting agency so it can reach you if an application for credit comes in under your Social Security number. For the highest level … Don’t Fall for the Suspended Social Security Number Scam Sep 04, 2019 Social Security Number Secrets: What It Reveals | Reader's Oct 04, 2017

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To qualify for the EITC, you (and your spouse if filing a joint return) must have the required Social Security number (SSN) issued by the Social Security Administration on or before the due date of the tax return (including extensions).. Any qualifying child listed on the Schedule EIC must also have the required SSN that was issued on or before the due date of the tax return (including Fake calls about your SSN | FTC Consumer Information